Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Want a fat burning muscle sculpting workout you can do from home with only one piece of equipment and wondering if Visual Impact Kettlebells is the answer?

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Brief Overview

  • Visual Impact Kettlebells is a 3-month workout program.
  • You only need one kettlebell
    • perfect for home workout routine
  • Geared for people who simply want to lose body fat and increase muscle tone
  • Created by Chris Lopez, SFG kettlebell instructor and fitness expert Rusty Moore
  • Entire system is digital.
    • You receive immediate access to programs and videos.


About the Authors

Chris Lopez, is the first Canadian certified by Strongfirst as an SFG kettlebell instructor. He teamed up with fitness expert Rusty Moore. Combined the duo have 35+ years helping people move better and get a lean and toned physique.

Chris has almost 20 years of experience. While Rusty Moore has 15+ years of experience getting runway models, busy moms and dads, and fitness enthusiast into movie star or “Yacht Bod” shape.

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Tri-Phase Workout

Visual Impact Kettlebells is a 12-week workout program comprised of 3 phases. Each  designed to build upon the previous. This phase stacking allows for better results week after week.
VI Review KB Swing

  1. Phase One: Foundation (Week 1 – Week 4)
  2. Phase Two: Acceleration (Week 5 – Week 6)
  3. Phase Three: Intensification (Week 9 – Week 12)

The Foundation Phase

The first 4 weeks of the VI KB is all about learning and mastering the basic kettlebell exercises, the fundamentals.

VI KB Phase One alternates between slow tension-based exercises and explosive exercises. In addition to building the fundamental kettlebell exercises, expect to increase strength and muscle tone.

The Acceleration Phase

Building on the strength of phase 1, the Acceleration Phase combines slow tension-based lifts and explosive movements in one workout. This approach creates “neuro-metabolic contrast training”.

The increased tempo and intensity increases caloric expenditure while you continue  tightening up your body.

The Intensification Phase

Here you combine high tension exercises with explosive exercises within the same set. This takes your heart rate and caloric demands to the next level.

Here’s a quick peak inside the program and how it’s laid out…

Visual Impact Kettlebells

(Table of Contents)

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Unit 1 – Welcome
  • Unit 2 – A Brief History of the Kettlebell
  • Unit 3 – Introducing Chris Lopez

Module 2 – Kettlebell Basics

  • Unit 1 – The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design
  • Unit 2 – Kettlebell Lifts Can Help You Move Like a Young Person
  • Unit 3 – Torch Body Fat With a Cast Iron Cannon Ball
  • Unit 4 – Choosing the Right Size and Style of Kettlebell

Module 3 – Kettlebell Progression

  • Unit 1 Improving – While Using the Same Weight Each Workout
  • Unit 2 – Increasing the Density of a Kettlebell Workout
  • Unit 3 – 2 Kettlebell Lifting Styles for a Sleek & Toned Physique
  • Unit 4 – Every Minute on the Minute (EMOTM)
  • Unit 5 – Kettlebell Complexes

Module 4 Kettlebell Workouts

  • Unit 1 – The Workout Strategy
  • Unit 2 – Visual Impact KB * Phase 1 Workouts
  • Unit 3 – Visual Impact KB * Phase 2 Workouts
  • Unit 4 – Visual Impact KB * Phase 3 Workouts
  • Unit 5 – Active Recovery (Optional)
  • Unit 6 – Bonus: The “Get Up” Active Recovery Sessions

Module 5 Kettlebell Videos

  • Unit 1 – Exercise Demonstration Videos
  • Unit 2 – Workout Demonstration Videos

Module 6 – Conclusion

  • Unit 1 – Final Thoughts

Module 7 – Downloadable PDF

  • Unit 1 – Downloadable PDF

Module 8 – FAQ Coaching Videos

  • Unit 1 FAQ 1 – Don’t “chase reps”
  • Unit 2 FAQ 2 – Shoulder Issues
  • Unit 3 FAQ 3 – Swing Technique
  • Unit 4 FAQ 4 – The Kettlebell Clean… THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE
  • Unit 5 FAQ 5 – How to Properly Press
  • Unit 6 FAQ 6 – Protect Your Lower Back
  • Unit 7 FAQ 7 – Snatch Technique Help
  • Unit 8 FAQ 8 – Windmill Technique Help
  • Unit 9 FAQ 9 – How to “Tame the Arc” with Your Snatches
  • Unit 10 FAQ 10 – Joint Stacking
  • Unit 11 FAQ 11 – Overhead Lunges or Windmills Help
  • Unit 12 FAQ 12 – How to Get Rid of “Lifting Leg” Syndrome

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Visual Impact Kettlebells

Cons of VI Kettlebells

What good would a Visual Impact Kettlebells Review be without telling you what’s wrong with the program?

First off…

this program isn’t for everyone.

  • You’re not going to build a ton of muscle.
  • It’s a 3 month plan.
    • If you don’t want to repeat it there’s not much of an option to plan out your own workout.
  • Progression is difficult.
    • KB’s don’t have incremental weight increases like dumbbells, so it’s difficult to add small amounts of weight.

I like it for conditioning. And as a break from more traditional strength training. Here’s what you might want to consider before investing in the program yourself.


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It also isn’t aimed at the hardcore fitness crowd.

There is a much larger group of people who simply want to lose body fat and increase muscle tone.

Reasons to Pick up Visual Impact Kettlebells

  • Only need one KB! No other equipment required.
    • perfect for home or travel workouts
  • Step by step video guide to help master the moves.
  • Supper cheap. Less than 1 session with a personal trainer.
  • You’re backed by a 60 day no risk guarantee. Not happy? Get 100% of your money back.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review: So is it worth it?

Overall I think Chris and Rusty have done a good job.

Give one of their workouts a try. Here’s a quick full-body kettlebell workout for you to get your feet wet…

–> quick full-body kettlebell workout

Remember, this isn’t a bodybuilding program. Nor is it a CrossFit style kettlebell program. So don’t expect to pack on slabs of muscle. But if you’re looking for a well rounded physique, this is a good choice.

The nice things about the Visual Impact Kettlebells program is that you can make a lot of progress with just one KB and never have to step foot in the gym.

The only downfall is that’s it’s a 3 month program. But for the money it’s a good investment. After you’ve gone through it a couple of times you can return to it one a year to break up your workouts, add variety, and avoid overuse issues.

Don’t worry if you’ve never touched a kettlebell. Many of the exercises are intuitive. And, Chris covers into every exercise in detail through videos and written instruction. So you’ll have no problem. It will be a nice change if you’re used to machines, free weight, or traditional cardio.

They even go over how to choose the right size and style of kettlebell.


try visual impact kettlebells