Minimalist Kettlebell Workout

Watch Chris demonstrate this quick KB workout

Not everyone has the time, or desire to spend hours in the gym. If that’s you, this workout is for you.

In less than 30 minutes you get an awesome full body workout. It’s a perfect mix of strength and cardio. And, with just 1 kettlebell.

This routine comes form Chris. The creator of Visual Impact Kettlebells. It’s a great home workout program loaded with quick and effective routines just like this.

Minimalist Kettlebell Workout Instructions

  • You’ll need one medium to heavy kettlebell:
    • for the guys: – 24 – 30 kg
    • for gals: 12 – 16kg

The workout couldn’t get easier:

  1. Set your timer for 25 minutes
  2. 5 clean & press with your left arm
  3. 5 KB offset squats with KB in your left arm
  4. 5x clean & press with your right arm
  5. 5 KB offset squats with KB in your right arm
  6. repeat sequence until timer goes off
  • Rest as needed
    • Only do 5 as you can with great technique

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