Do You Want To Lose Belly Fat?

Discover the most effective way to incinerate unwanted fat and get a lean athletic physique.

Have you ever seen your reflection in the mirror, or yourself in a picture, and your heart sank.

You were disgusted with yourself…

the rolls, the sags, the bloat.

Taking a second look a million question began racing through your mind…

Is this what others see?

Do they have the same loathing?

What do my kids think?

Is my spouse as discussed as I am?

Stepping in those black baggy pants. The ones with the stretch waist (because you can’t fit your favorite jeans anymore). You hope black is as slimming as people claim. And no one else sees what you saw earlier.

Are You Doomed By Bad Genetics?

“Is losing weight a lost cause?” you ask yourself.
After all you’ve tried all of the crash diets, the miracle weight loss pills, and exercise gadgets…

Yet nothing works.

If any of this sounds familiar and you feel you’re doomed by bad genetics. Yet you still want a flat stomach…

You’ll want to read this.

What you’re about to discover isn’t anything new. In fact the principles to losing weight, getting a flat stomach, and looking great go back thousands of years.

That’s right. People over 2000 years ago used the exact same principles I’ll share with you.

You’ll see how the story of a 6th century BC wrestler and a bull reveal the essential elements to losing weight, building lean muscle and getting that lean athletic look everyone admires.

First know this…

You’re Not Alone.

Today there is more information then there ever has been.

Nearly 1/3 of the population is overweight and struggling to lose their excess belly fat. In some regions it’s as high as 75%.

And it’s getting worse everyday.

That’s in stark contrast to all the weight loss success stories you see on online.

Things Aren’t As They Appear

There’s a dark and dirty secret behind those amazing transformation pictures everyone posts.
A side no one wants you to know about.

A reason why the updates stop.

Why the old pictures are portrayed as new.

What they are hiding and don’t want you to know is that they gained all their weight back.

It’s true. About 95% of those who post their new sexy pictures, gain all their weight back.

I’m sure you know what that feels like. I know I do.

What’s even worse…

they end up heavier then before their transformation.

Yes! Losing weight led to them gain weight. They end up with more rolls, a bigger belly, and larger love handles.

I probably don’t have to tell you. It’s probably something you’ve struggled with too.

It sucks! No matter what you try you end up heavier than before the diet.

Paleo, Low Carb, Fat Free, Sugar Free, Spin Class, Yoga, etc. etc.

Nothing works. If you manage to lose some weight in the beginning. But it always comes back.

Life doesn’t make losing weight any easier.

The odds are stacked against you. You have a whole list of things to contend with…

work, kids, lack of energy, and on and on.

Then there’s the diet.

The idea of eating bland dried up chicken is like the sound of nails on a chalkboard. The alternative isn’t much better. Sure the prepackaged meals taste better but there isn’t enough food for a new born.

You can’t go through days or weeks starving, tired, and being refereed to as “the crouch”.

Then there’s the exercise.

Jogging isn’t fun for skinny people. It’s absolute miserable for you. Your knees. Your back. Your feet. Everything is beat up and sore making each step harder than the previous.

Sure all that torture works. But at what price. And for how long.

You’ve lost weight before. Maintained it for a little while. Then gained it all back and plus some.

There’s Something New Everyday

To combat the battle of the bulge there’s a new diet, workout, gadget, or pill every week.
Low carb, Paleo, and CrossFit are all the rage now.

I remember when Jane Fonda, The Thigh Master, and fat free foods held the answer. Who knows what tomorrow’s miracle in a bottle will be.

The details may be different but the promise is the same…

quick, easy, results.

– This little bean has scientists saying they’ve found the magic weight-loss cure!
– No Exercise. No Diet. No Effort. Thanks to brand new scientific research of a revolutionary fat buster!
– #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.

Big bold promises. But they never deliver.

Instead of looking for something new and different, why not look to the past.

Look at what’s working, and what has worked for thousands of years.

How To Burn Fat And Look Great

Have you ever seen an athlete like a fighter, gymnast, or an Olympic diver with a bad body?
Heck, they’re almost perfect. The Greeks erected statues of athletes. We put them on covers of magazines and in underwear commercials.

Seeing their near perfect physiques have you ever wondered what they did? Fantasize about having the same flat stomach stomach and muscular arms. Or just wished you looked half as good?

That’s why I’m writing to you today…

While I can’t and won’t promise you’ll ever have a “magazine cover” body…

I can show you how to use the same principles athletes use, so you look better than you’ve ever looked before.

Better than anyone you know. Better than almost anybody you see at work, in the grocery store, or walking down the street.

And you don’t have to be an athlete, or have an athletic bone in your body to get these incredible results.

That goes even if you think you’re hopelessly out of shape.

How can I promise you that?

Because the key to an amazing-looking body is actually much simpler than fitness magazines, infomercials, and other fat loss experts would have you think.

In fact, the principles on this page are fundamental to success. Athletes immortalized in stone, remembered in the record books, and winning at every level have been using the same principles for thousands of years.

Take the story of Milo and the bull for example.

What A Bull And A Man From The 6th-century BC Tells Us About Weight Loss And Having A Lean Athletic Physique

Nearly 2,500 years one of the strongest and most athletic men of the time used these exact principles to sculpt his lean athletic physique .
His name was Milo of Croton. A six-time wrestling champion at the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece Milo was the most successful wrestler of his day.

According to legend as a boy, Milo was tasked by his father to carry a young bull calf around a field.

Everyday Milo would pick up the bull. Put it on his back. And carry it up the mountain side. Milo did this everyday for 4 years.

It’s said that Milo built his incredible strength through a simple but profound strategy.

The story goes like this…

One day, a calf was born near Milo’s home. In preparation for his athletic career and the Olympics, Milo’s father told him…

Go pick up the calf and put it on your shoulders. Then walk up the mountain and back.

Everyday Milo’s father repeated the same commands.

And everyday Milo complied.

This lasted for of 4 years. The newborn calf became a bull. Milo grew into a man. And became the strongest of his era. With a physique to match.

4 Core Principles Of Building A Lean Athletic Physique

first transformation principle1. Start Small

Notice how Milo started with a baby calf?

He didn’t go big right away. He started small. With something he could handle.

This is the first principle… start off small and easy.

There are a numbers of reasons why this was the right move and why it’s a principle of The Athlete’s Physique.

It prevented Milo from get banged up and sore form doing something beyond his capabilities.

Starting with a makable weight allowed him to be successful early on.

Small Incidental Improvements

Milo din’t run around town looking for different bulls to carry up the mountain. He started with a baby calf and allowed it to grow naturally.

As the calf grew it got bigger and heavier everyday. So Milo had to carry a slightly more that weight then had had the day before.

Athletes do the same.


Milo was consistent. He didn’t miss weeks or months of training. Everyday he put the bull on his shoulders and walked it up the mountain.

All athletes operate the same way. They don’t get excited when the Olympic roll around, train, then take the next 3 years off until the next Olympics.

They don’t train or practice everyday. But they have a training schedule and stick to it.


Milo carried the bull everyday for 4 years.

He wasn’t born the strongest guy of his era.

He wasn’t born an Olympic champion.

It all took time.

It took patience.

He applied the above principles daily until one day he had the strength to carry a full grown bull on his back.

1 Last Principle

There’s one more important principle from the legend of Milo and the Bull. It’s the most important. And most overlooked by all but the experienced.
If an athlete, gym rat, or anyone else fails to incorporate this principle into their program they’ll never reach their goals or get that lean athletic body.

It’s laid out in The Athlete’s Physique™.

How You Can Make The Principles Of Athletic Development Work For You So You Can Easily Burn Fat And Sculpt Lean Muscle

Now that you know the major principles behind the worlds best athletes and their incredible physiques, let me introduce you to a weight-loss body sculpting approach that’s worked for thousands of years, on millions of athletes, hundreds of thousands regular Jills and Joes… and it will work for you, too.
It’s called The Athlete’s Physique™.

The Athlete’s Physique™ takes all the best exercises, and training principles of the world’s best athletes and coaches and wraps them in an easy to follow nutrition and training program.

Designed For All Fitness Levels

If you’re anything like the clients I’ve had in the past you’re worried about training like an athlete. You think you’re too old, too clumsy, or athletic training is too intense.
Well get that out of your head right now.

The Athlete’s Physique™ is based on the principles of athletic performance. You’re not going through a football practice or getting ready for a MMA fight. You’re just using the tools and methods me and other top level coaches use to get athletes ready.

Notice how I said, “get read?”

Not every athlete is ready to compete and train at a high level. I don’t expect you to either. They gradually improve throughout the year. They start small and and progress when they’re ready. The same goes for you. That’s why the program is designed in phases.

There’s a phase just right for you. The Athlete’s Physique™ starts off with the basics. If you’re new to exercise, you can ease into these workouts.

Then as you improve gain strength and confidence you can take your workouts the next level. Each phase building of the previous. So as you improve, the workouts become more challenging to keep you moving forward.

You’re never rushed through a phase. Move through them at your own pace. You can even repeat a phases multiple times. I go through macro progressions so you can repeat a phase yet get the push and transformation signals your body needs to move forward.

Look Like An Athlete In A Fraction Of The Time

The 1992 Barcelona Olympics had the tightest race in history. Five women seemed to cross the line at the same time.
It was impossible to call.

It wasn’t until after studying the slow motion reply that one women was crowned Olympic Champion.

After close examination, Gail Devers was crowned Olympic champion. Merlene Ottey finished 5th. Less than one-tenth of a second behind Devers.

There’s a reason I’m telling you this story. It has to do with how much they trained. And another important principle.

They trained a lot.

They spent the majority of their life in the gym and on the track.

Like many other athletes, their sport is their job.

That’s probably what you envision it takes to get a lean sexy physique. And it’s this time commitment that’s one of the biggest complaints people have about getting in shape.

Time is a precious commodity, and the last thing you want to do is wast it in the gym.

Thanks to an economic principle you’re able to lose weight and look great in a fraction of the time you’d expect.

The law of diminishing returns…

This law explains how working harder and harder, spending more and more time in the gym, yields less and less for each rep and minute you put in.

As a beginner relatively small effort is required to to bring about major improvements.

When less than a blink of an eye separates you from 5th place and gold, the extra effort is necessary. Each 1/100th of a second they improve requires a lot more work than the previous 2/10th of a second improvement.

Since you’re not fighting for the last bit of genetic potential you don’t need to push the boundaries of diminishing returns.

You’re able to put in a little effort, yet see big returns. And look like an athlete faster than you thought.

Are You Doomed By Bad Genetics?

What The Athlete’s Physique™ System Can Do For You

Eat Your Favorite Foods

You don’t have to eat clean, go Paleo, or follow any other fad diet plan.

I love ice-cream and pizza. Not a week goes by that I don’t have one if not both of them. You won’t have to give up wit you love either.

I couldn’t imagine going through life without my favorite foods. Living off bland boring meals.

You’ll discover flexible options to fit any eating style so you can eat the foods you love. And still lose weight.

Are You Doomed By Bad Genetics?

Save a Fortune

Why throw your money down the drain buying useless supplements, finding the right trainer, or going through all the latest fad diets and workouts.

With The Athlete’s Physique Program™ you’ll have a complete system at your disposable. You’ll never have to waste your time sorting through another diet book, exercise program, supplement store, or trainer.

Are You Doomed By Bad Genetics?

Begin Without Any Experience

A lot of people are nervous about starting an exercise program. They’re afraid of looking silly or getting hurt. And that’s 100% understandable.

I’ve got you covered.

The workouts are progressive. So no matter your current ability or fitness level there’s is a routine perfect for you. As you get more comfortable with the exercises and get in better shape, there’s a new routine to take you to the next level.

There’s detailed instructions through video demonstrations and exercise manual. Plus you have access to me. You can even send in videos for me to critique. This way you always know you’re doing the exercises safely and are getting the most out of them.

What You Get With The Athlete’s Physique System?

Quick Start Guide

Start right away. The quick start guide outlines what to do right now. You can get going in minutes without getting bogged down by too much information. You can begin your transformation in minutes from now.

Athlete’s Physique™ Online Instructional Exercise Videos

Online video database of exercises. With access to the video database you’ll always know exactly how to do an exercise.
Expert instruction in each video. So, you’ll know how to perfectly perform each exercise for safety and maximum results.

The Athlete’s Physique™ Workout Guide

Burn fat, and build lean muscle to get an Athlete’s Physique without any guesswork. This step-by-step workout guide lays out every exercise, set, rep, and rest period.
Everything you need to achieve a mind-blowing transformation. Simple and effective. And no guesswork.

Athlete’s Physique™ Online Instructional Exercise Videos

Online video database of exercises. With access to the video database you’ll always know exactly how to do an exercise.
Expert instruction in each video. So, you’ll know how to perfectly perform each exercise for safety and maximum results.

Exercise Database

A picture is worth a thousand words.
The program comes with a colour database of exercises. Access them on line or print them out and take them with you.
With the huge library of pictures and videos you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. So simple a complete newbie can jump in and safely burn off belly fat.

Progressions And Regressions

Every exercise has progressions and regression.
What this means for you is that no matter your athletic ability, fitness level or experience you can use the program.
Based on your ability you can easily make each workout more challenging or dial it back to fit your current fitness level.

Lifetime Updates

Unlimited lifetime access and updates.
As I add new exercise videos, you get access.
As I add new tracking tools, you get access.
As I make improvements to the course, you get access.
Anything and everything that’s part of The Athlete’s Physique™, you get free lifetime upgrades and access. You’ll never be out of the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there any kind of guarantee or warranty?”
guarantee_stampOf course. I stand behind the effectiveness of this product 100%. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you want your investment back let me know. I’ll give you back every last penny.

You have 365 days, one full year to try the program. If you’re not happy with the complements everyone is giving you, shoot me an email to square things up.

q-icon“Can I workout form home?”
There are defiantly routines that can be done from home or on the road, if you’re traveling. For the other workouts you’ll need access to weights. If you have a set of dumbbells at home great. If not you’ll have to go to a gym.

Most people find getting out of the hose is a nice break. The atmosphere of a gym helps. So while you can workout from home, I encourage you to head to the gym as often as you can.

q-icon“Am I too old? Is this a safe and effective for someone my age?”
The older you get the more important working out becomes. There is a direct correlation between longevity and exercises. Not only will you look better following the program but you’ll become healthier, and more independent and stay that way longer.

The program has been designed to progress as you do. That means you or anyone else at any age and any fitness level can jump in and from day one and get started with a routine suited to their ability.

q-icon“I’m busy. Will I have to spend 2 hours a day in the gym.”
No. Some workouts are short. Some can be done from home. And none of them require marathon session in the gym. There are even a few workouts designed for occasions when time is limited.

q-icon“I can’t live without chocolate. Will I have to give that up along with my other favorite treats?”
No. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. And good food is part of that enjoyment. So tasty foods are a critical aspect of a successful weight loss program and diet.

I encourage you to have your treats and I show you how to have your cake and your abs too.

q-icon“I don’t want to bulk up too much. Will I end up looking like a bodybuilder?”
Muscle takes time to build. professional bodybuilders spend years and long hours in the gym to look the way they do.

The program is designed for you to look good naked. That means burning belly fat and adding a little muscle to add shape and definition. It’s not a bodybuilding program.

q-icon“I want to look like Arnold Swartnzeager. Will this get me there?”
This isn’t a bodybuilding program.

There are lots of options for the advanced user to customize the routines to get the body they want. You can also double up on routines to add more muscle.

q-iconAm I too out of shape to workout like an athlete?
I know getting into shape sounds intimidating. But the beauty of The Athlete’s Physique Program™ is that it’s based on principles and progressions.

There’s a beginner’s phase to ease you into the program. To ensure everyone can do the workouts each phase is scalable. So no matter your fitness level you can decrease or increase the intensity of each workout to meet your needs. You can progress at your own pace.

q-iconI have bad genetics. My parents are overweight. Their parents were overweight. I’m overweight. Is this the body I’m meant to have?
There’s no question that genetics play a part in how we look.

But genetics have very little to do with achieving the body of your dreams.

Believe it or not, you have way more control over how your body looks than you think. Your genes aren’t your destiny. They are just your starting place.

q-icon“I not athletic. Actually, I’m kind of clumsy. Will this work for me?”

The Athlete’s Physique™ is based on principles. It’s not a sport specific training manual. You don’t have to learn to play any sports.

We’re only using the principles of what athletes use to get in great shape.

q-icon“What if it doesn’t work for me?”
I’ve never seen it not work.



But, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. No questions asked. No risk.

So go ahead and try it for yourself.

Here’s how to get started…

Directly below you’ll find a button that takes you to the secure order form. Click the button. Sign-up. And you’re ready to get started.
Just remember…

Because I’m offering the free support as part of the deal… which eats up my time… the free support consultations and video form checks will disappear.

So don’t wait on this.