Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know About The Front Squat

Video: How to Do the Front Squat

Great in-depth instructional video by Jeff Nippard

The most difficult aspect of the front squat is the grip. I prefer the front rack or clean grip, But this is also the most difficult. Take a look at the different grips and choose the one that best fits you.

What Muscles do Front Squats Work

While the front squat, low bar squat, and Zercher squat are all squat variations, the bar position changes altering the mechanics change and the demands placed on each muscle.

To prevent from tipping over and getting a good push, your center of gravity needs to remain over the center of your foot. In a front squat where the weight is positioned on the front of your shoulders, you have to maintain an upright torso. Compare that to the back squat where your torso leans forward more. This places more stress on the front part of your body.

The quads are the primary mover. At the bottom of the squat the glutes become more involved.

The upper back muscles.

Photo by Sergio Pedemonte on Unsplash

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