Kabuki Strength Boomstick

The Boomstick is a heavy piece of steel used for body tempering and self myofascial release.

There is no better tool than the Boomstick for targeting deep tissue and effectively releasing key trigger points in the…

  • pectorals
  • shoulders
  • subscap
  • hamstrings
  • glutes
  • calves

Feels awesome on the feet. One of the best foot massages you’ll ever have.

Boomstick for targeting deep tissue

But, it works well on every major muscle.

There are a number of ways to use this tool. But it works best in the hands of a skilled trained bodyworker or clinician.

But, don’t let that dissuade you.

It’s friendly enough to be used by anyone. Friends and family members work in a pinch. Or follow the videos below and use it on your self.

Boomstick Self Use

The Boomstick works well in conjunction with the Acumobility Ball.

Boomstick Shoulder Mobility Demonstration on Stan Efferding

The Boomstick is effective pre or post workout.

Before you hit the gym floor use it to prepare the muscle for training. After your workout and between workouts use it to assist with recovery and defeat hypertonicity.

If you’re interested you can order one for Chris at Kabuki Strength.

How does it work

Like I said. This thing is heavy.

At just a hair under 20 pounds the heft of the Boomstick applies pressure to specific areas such as trigger points.

Both ends are perfectly contoured and optimized for targeting trigger points. Plus there’s a knurl that generates a shearing effect to the fascia and muscle tissue when twisted over the skin.

That knurling also doubles as a grip.

Many massage practitioners are taking advantage of the tool and  implementing it and these techniques to increase the effectiveness of their work and the amount of work they can.

Common Uses of the Boomstick

  • Shearing of Fascia and Muscle Tissue with soft knurl
  • Targeting Trigger Points with Rounded Ends
  • IASTM or “Body Tempering”

Better than foam rolling. Like a massage without the price tag or travel.

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