Exercise Tutorial: How to do the Skater Squat

Single leg work is a staple in a well designed athletic program. And it deserves a place in your’s.

The Skater Squat fits in here perfectly.

What makes it so effective and ideal for athletes is that it truly is a single leg exercise.

Unlike other single leg exercises, the skater squat doesn’t get any support for the non-working leg. I exercises lie split squats and lunges you have your back leg to rely on and assist the movement.

Benefits of the skater squat

Because skater squats are truly single leg exercise you can’t load it as much as other lower body exercises like squats and deadlifts. This allows you to build strength and add size to your leg and glutes without your back, hips, or knees taking a beating.

You don’t see many people doing them because…

A. They are difficult.

B. There’s a technique component.

C. Hard on the ego because you can’t load them much.

It takes a while to get the hang of skater squats, but they’re worth your time and effort. Watch the clip below to see how they’re done.

Like every compound exercise, progressive overload is essential. Here are a few ways to overload your skater squat.

  • add a vest
  • add chains
  • hold a sandbag, kettlebell (goblet style), or dumbbells
  • increase range of motion

Skater Squat Variations

As with any exercise out there you’re going to find variations. Here are some of my favorites. But don’t let this list limit you. Use it as inspiration.

  • Landmine Skater Squat

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