14 Band Resisted Plank Variations

Are you tired of the same old plank exercises? Why not try adding a band to the mix?

It doesn’t take long before planks get old. This sends people off on a quest to find the latest ab shaping exercise.

But not all ab exercises are created equal.

Wharton School professor Dr. Russell Ackoff made an interesting observation…

The righter you do the wrong thing the wronger you become.

With all the back wrenching core exercises out there the professor could have been referring to any number of ab routines posted online.


spine wrenching machine

This is one of the worst spine wrenching offenders.

So, be careful. You have to choose your ab exercises wisely.

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Many of the popular exercises seen plastered every where on-line take a toll on your spine. Do too many and you risk messing up your spine.

Sometimes for life.

That brings us back to planks.

They’re safe.

They’re effective.

But not all that exciting.

However, the simple addition of a resistance band breathes new life into a stale core routine and takes your ab training to the next level.

So, if you’re looking to work your abs in a safe yet unique and effective way, grab a resistance band and put these 14 plank variations through the wringer.

Band Resisted Plank Variations

In the video, Dave the Band Man Demonstrates 14 different band resisted plank variations.

Here’s a list of the band resisted plank exercises with a time stamp:

  1. 4 Point Band Resisted Plank @ 0:17
  2. Band Resisted Knee Lifts @ 0:23
  3. Band Resisted Extended Plank @ 0:30
  4. Band Resisted Plank Position Shoulder Taps @ 0:34
  5. Band Resisted Plank Position Lateral Toe Taps @ 0:41
  6. Band Resisted Iso Mountain Climber @ 0:51
  7. Band Resisted Slow Trudging Mountain Climber @ 1:02
  8. Band Resisted Mountain Climber @ 1:12
  9. Band Resisted Oblique Crunch Mountain Climber @ 1:18
  10. Band Resisted T Rotations @ 1:28
  11. Band Resisted Star T Rotations @ 1:39
  12. Side Plank Band Chest Presses @ 1:54
  13. Band Resisted Side Crawl @ 1:59
  14. Band Resisted Plank Jacks @ 2:07

Give them a try and leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite one is.

If you need a refresher on the plank check out the Exercise Tutorial…

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