Exercise Tutorial: How To Do The Side Plank With Row

If you don’t that your run of the mill side plank hits your core like you want, give the side plank with row a spin.

Side Plank With Row Demo

How to do the Side Plank With Row

  1. Set up as if you were doing a regular side plank with your body forming a straight line, from heels to head and elbow under shoulders.
  2. To lock in starting position keep your abs and glutes tight and your tailbone tucked under. (Think abs pulling your ribs toward your pelvis.)
  3. Begin by raising your top leg and lowering it back under control to help set your spine and pelvis.
  4. Keep your elbow directly under your shoulder. Keep your head in line with your spine.
  5. Start the row with your shoulder. Finish with your shoulder blade squeezed towards you midline and down.


  • Don’t let your hips sag
  • Don’t tilt your head.
  • Don’t push your hips back or rotate your shoulders forward.

Visit the side plank page for more variations and progressions.

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