Exercise Tutorial: How to do the Crunch Exercise

The crunch exercise get a lot of flack.

But ab crunches can be part of a good core routine. Especially if you include some of its variations.

The Basic Crunch Exercise

Clapping Crunch

Cross Body Crunch

There are a lot of names and variations for this exercise. Cross Body and Knees to Elbows are the most common.

Level 1

  • Legs are supported to eliminate tension and stress on the low back.

Level 2

  • Foot touches the ground between reps to allow for a break.

Level 3

This is an advanced variation. Because your feet never touch the ground your low back is unsupported.

The only difference here is that your feet never touch the floor.

  • While a Sprinters Crunch and Bicycle Crunch are used interchangeably, they are different exercises. However very similar. Only a few minute details separate the 3.

Even More Crunch Exercise Options

We’ve just touched the surface with these crunch variations. There are a lot more advanced crunching exercises when you’re ready.

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