Core Exercises

There’s more to core training workouts than sit-ups and crunches.


Flexion Core Exercises

You can’t think about ab workouts without a flexion exercise vaulting to front of mind.

Makes sense though. every other muscle group talks about flexing and squeezing the muscle.

Flexion exercises target the rectus abdominis. Your 6 pack abs muscle.

rectus abdominisThe rectus abdominis attach at the crest of pubis. Your groin. This is the origin.

On the other end. The insertion, connects to the costal cartilages of ribs 5-7 Xiphoid process of sternum. Your ribs.

The goal of flexion exercises is to bring the origin and insertion togeher.

Extension Core Exercises

The core is three dimensional. We need to attack it from every angle to maximize health and prevent injuries.

Extension exercise isolate your low back muscles. You could think of them as anti-flexion exercises that resist folding forward through the lumbar spine.

These exercises target the posterior core. The anterior core muscles don’t get much love..

  • Back Extensions
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Superman’s – I don’t recommend you do these.
  • Deadlift
  • RDL

Anti-Extension Core Exercises

Anti-extension exercises resist bending through the low back. Extension of the spine occurs when your back arches backwards.

This is an especially important exercise for athletes because it trains and strengthens their core in order to maintain a neutral spine position when performing overhead activities.

  • Dead Bug
  • Fall Out
  • Leg Lowering
  • Plank Variations
    • Bodysaw
    • Fallout
    • Long-lever
    • Rollout
      • Ab Wheel
      • Stability Ball
    • Stir the Pot
    • Suspension Strap
  • Posterior Resisted Overhead Press
  •  Rollout
  • Stir the Pot

Lateral Flexion Core Exercises

  • Side Bends
  • Side Plank Crunch

Anti-Lateral Flexion Core Exercises

The goal of anti-lateral flexion is to resist side bending. Think about caring your groceries in or holding a baby. The extra weight on the one side forces the core muscles on the other to hold you up straight and not bend to the side.

Rotation Core Exercises

Powerful rotation is a key athletic quality for many sports. Think golf, baseball, and tennis.

  • Russian Twists

Anti-Rotation Core Exercises

Anti-rotation exercises train and strengthen your core to resist twisting movements.

Anti-rotation core exercises target your deep core and obliques by working the transverse plane of motion.

Combination Core Exercises

These exercises don’t fit well into a single category because they hit so many boxes.


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