Online Coaching

While lots of people have success and get results by reading The Athlete’s Physique articles and going through the paid and free programs, some need and want more.

If that sounds like you, online coaching is available. However, it’s extremely limited because it is personalized and lots of 1-on-1.

Online Coaching Options

  • Nutrition Only
  • Workouts and Nutrition

No matter what package you choose, coaching provides you with Accountability, Expertise, and Exact Plans specific for your needs, lifestyle, and goals. and it’s all customized to you.

How Your Coaching Program Works

1-on-1 attention to achieve your goals.

Here’s what happens when you sign up tp work with me.

Everything is personalized. So the first step is getting to know you. You’re sent a short survey that gives me insight as to what your goals are and any limitations you may have.

Once I have this info, we jump right in and get you moving towards your goals.

What you get

  • Customized Plans and any necessary tweaks.
    • Get custom meal plans, with totally custom options to give you freedom. Each meal plan is custom-designed for your body and your goals
    • Get custom workout & fitness plans, Receive ongoing workout plans that are fun and fitted to your lifestyle. Don’t waste anymore time in the gym. Get expert, proven programming from Scott.
  • Ongoing Personal Advice & Tweaks to keep you moving in the right direction.
    • Weekly Check-Ins so that we stay on track and accountable.
    • Unlimited Emails so that you get your questions expertly answered without waiting. Whenever you have questions about anything, send an email for a fast answer.

Get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m getting ready for my wedding/vacation. Can you help?
    • Yes, but I will not do anything that’s unsafe, or that I think is going to result in a weight rebound or emotional food issues.
      I will be up front about what I think is possible.
  • Is there anyone you won’t work with? I’m… vegan/ have dietary restrictions / new to exercise / etc.
    • Not really. Everything is custom, so any lifestyle and personal preferences are to be expected. The only people I won’t work with are those that are looking for a quick fix and not willing to commit to the process.

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