June 2020

Dueling Riders

To look your best a few things need to change.

But change is hard.

Anyone can muscle through a short term challenge.

While it’s not easy, you can eliminate your favorite food for a week, get up at 5 am and spend 90 minutes in the gym.

But that gets old fast.

By day 3 you’re counting the days left.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Looking your best is all about making a few little tweaks and setting yourself up for success.

Psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systems:

  1. the rational mind
  2. the emotional mind.

In the TED Talk below Tim Urban talks about the battle of the two minds. Maybe you can relate. I know this was exactly how my undergraduate degree went.

Both parts of your mind compete for control.

The rational mind wants a great beach body. While the emotional mind wants an Oreo cookie. Or two.

This duel in your head leaves you helpless in your struggle for the body you want and deserve.

However,  your internal struggle ins’t insurmountable. Change can come quickly.

That lean toned physique you deserve can be yours if you know how to control the emotional mind.

Check out the attached PDF.

It describes 3 things necessary to break the shackles holding you back so you can banish your belly forever.

Click the link below and make your physique transformation easier…
How to make a change.

Coach Jason
The Athlete’s Physique™